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QDOOZ was founded by David C. M. Carter, often referred to as ‘The World's leading CEO Mentor.’ His vision is to make the analogue practice of coaching and mentoring accessible to anyone through a digital format. QDOOZ will give those with the ambition to get ahead in life the power to become the very best version of themselves.

The realisation of this vision depends on people like you, which is why we want you to become part of the QDOOZ community, as a Content Partner. QDOOZ is a fantastic opportunity to share your unique expertise and experience with others, discovering a new audience of ambitious, driven professionals ready to get ahead.

It’s a highly curated environment, with members who want what you have and are willing to learn from what you say.

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Once your content is approved, you’ll become a member of a global community of high-achievers, with a fresh model for success. It’s a win for our users, a win for you and a win for us. Sign up, get your keys to QDOOZ, and open a world of new possibilities.

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